Ok, sometimes I do something and I wonder how I could possibly do such a thing. A couple of days ago I reported back to someone at work that the tar.gz files he had uploaded to me was broken. Turns out they are ok, the reason they ‘appeared’ broken was because I tried to run tar -xvf on the tar.gz file. Consider I have unpackaged a gazillion files over the last few years I honestly feel it should be impossible for me to do such a basic mistake, but the facts here leave little room for any other explanation.

It also seems I might have been a little rash in my characterization of Everaldo the other day. Turns out the reason the icons are not released are because they are made using an illustrator extension that hinders conversion to SVG. So I appologize to Everaldo for calling him petty. That said I can’t help but feel that there is some irony to something being marketet as ‘Crystal SVG’ when it is not even possible to easily convert the images to SVG….