Yay!! I have finally gotten the ‘new’ toilet installed. After having it standing in the hallway for almost 2 years now I finally got a plumber to come and use it to replace the old one for me. It will be strange to both have a new toilet in the bathrom and also to finally not have a toilet standing in my hallway. No matter what people say, toilets do not look that decorative :)

I am really excited about how things are going with GStreamer these days. A lot of long standing issues are being sorted out, with a new autoplugger being developed, proper Ogg and Vorbis plugins (not using vorbisfile), new and improved error system, DVD playback being polished, gstplay design. I am also very curious to see how our now 11 person non-linear video editor team will manage. Having 11 people work almost fulltime on this for almost a year makes we believe they should be able to get something started that is truly usable and something which will continue to be worked on afterwards.