Happy to see donscarletti on advogato know. I hope Jeff ends up adding him to planet.gnome.org, but I guess he have to considering that Caleb is a fellow Australian :)

Been spending the first part of this week installing the Oracle E-Business Suite on Red Hat 3. Some troubles getting things going but a combination of these steps and unsetting the LANG variable made things hum along just fine.

Merged the updated NAS plugin into CVS this morning. There are still some issues with it, but hopefully some of our caps masters can figure out why the NAS plugin has some issues still. A big thanks to Arwed for getting the job done. The recent switch to using the ChangeLog file in GStreamer has worked out just great. Personally I think being able to go to the Changelog to see what has happened recently is so much easier than the old ‘use the CVS web changelog’.

Happy to see David Schleef and Benjamin Otte hacking on the new autoplugger. The current autoplugger, called spider, has been known to have issues for some time, but time restraints and other priorities in the codebase has postponed the issue until now.

I also got this running to have GStreamer join the Linux Audio Consortium, think the goals of the Consortium are still a bit vague though, but hopefully being members we can both influence the development of the consortium or at least get a clearer understanding of what they are about.

I watched Wing Commander on DVD last evening, all I can say is that this movie really sucked. Many things pulled this movie down; like horrible sets and a some horrible secondary characters, but once the main quality killer was an enemy that was made toothless and gigantic logical flaws in even the core elementes of the movie.