Some days I feel like work is intending to kill me. You people have no idea how tired I am of dba’s and unix admins who don’t know anything. I am so tired to having to explain to people how their own network functions, how their backup systems work, how to add something to the Unix path, how search for something on the web, how the browser proxy settings work and so on. I don’t mind explaning such stuff to an end user once in a while, but it frustrates me beyond belief when I have to explain such incredibly basic things to people who are supposed to be system administrators.

Today I had to deal with just to many of these people. One even had the nerve to phone my project manager complaining that I where not available to help him with his job. Who the hell do he think he is? I am part of a project team working on a fixed price project which is supposed to be deliverd on record time. Yet this guy has the nerve to complain when I don’t have the time to help him with a task not related to the project we where hired in to do and which has nothing to do with what I am supposed to know and everything about what he is supposed to know.

Or this other guy calling me around 10 this evening because he can’t find ‘unzip’ on his UNIX box!! What friggin kind of Unix sysadmin is unable to download and install unzip on his own friggin server. And when he fails he has the nerve to call me at home in the evening asking about it. Have people no shame anymore?

Or this idiotic support person who had the nerve to suggest that I reboot the machine to ‘activate’ the new lines I added to the host file. Even when I told her I was able to ping the entries added to the host file did she insist I reboot the machine. Even when I explained exactly what the problem was she continued to insist I rebooted.

aaaah, this a just a small sample of the lovely people I had to deal with TODAY.