Back from Barcelona. My appartment feels very big for some reason :)

The program in Barcelona was non-stop and I don’t think I went to bed before 0200 – 0300 any of the nights I was there (which is very late when you reach my age :)

Lot of really cool Fluendo stuff happening, with Johan having gotten rid of his Joey Tempest haircut being the only thing I will mention publicaly atm :)

Also met with Evangelina again. That was really great and I enjoyed talking with her just as much as I did at GUADEC. I hope to keep in touch with her. One of the days there we went to a Jazz club in Barcelona which turned out to have a really sweet Fusion band playing thanks to Evangelina. Think it might become one of my favourite hangouts when I move down there.

Also feeling good about knowing that Thomas and Kristien have a good game and movie collection for me to enjoy next time I come to visit :)