Seems Sun came through and managed to work out a deal with ds. They will give David a Sparc box in return for the creation of a Solaris Audio plugin for GStreamer and some GStreamer and Java Media Framework integration work. Cool stuff.

Iain just reported that he watched a full movie with perfect playback in gst-player, which means we are getting somewhere on the stabilization front. Also cool stuff :)

Started to think about how to manage my finances in the year ahead. Theoretically so would I wish to move a lot of money out of Norway and the US and into the EU. But as you all know the exchange rates for moving money that way atm is very bad. So I probably move the money into the stock market instead, although I feel a bit jittery about moving all my life savings there. Then again, if I do move them into stock funds it should be relativly safe, especially since I could take a long term view on the placements.

Also need to talk to my boss tomorrow about my future. I am determined that this is my last year in Norway; with a migration South almost guaranteed. With Spain on the top of the list and Australia as the fallback solution :)