Spent the morning working on the GStreamer RPM packaging and testing stuff. I was able to play the Shrek Quicktime trailer in Gst-player today, which was the first time I got that format working in the player :)

While having a boring time at work yesterday I started clicking through my friends friends lists on Orkut and their homepages; I discovered Ylith posing in Ximian and Gnomemeeting t-shirts. Think we need to send her some Fluendo and GStreamer t-shirts ;)

My youngest sister is in town this weekend to celebrate her birthday. Going down there later with the L’or de Torrente I bought her. No idea how it smells, but it is what she wanted :)

On monday I plan on seeing Jeux d’enfants, which our french movie comentator hadess has not mentioned yet in his blogg for some strange reason. But many of the other french gnomies I know strongly recommend it.

Also talked with my boss yesterday about my future plans. She is simply wonderful and said that I should just simply send in a request for a sabatical when I know the details. I would then be able to return to my job here during the next 3-4 years if I so should wish. Getting a sabatical also makes me much more flexible as it doesn’t have the 3 month notice period that quiting has.