Got a rude reminder last night about how important it is to go to a movie with the right expectations. Saw Jex d’enfants expecting something rather cheerful and lively and instead got a depressing tale of emotionally damaged kids ending with a suicide pact. In that context the movie did not really hit home.

On a positive note I got kind of an epiphany this morning about what to do in the upcoming months. Think I will follow in thomasvs footsteps and take some months break between jobs. So that I probably leave my current job in early July and go traveling for a couple of months. To make it affordable that means I either will travel in the countries that where part of the old Soviet Union or in China, not sure which yet as the plan is still in a rather fluid state.

But first I need to get through this rather stressfull day at work. Two fullday projects doing a tug of war on me combined with two other projects demanding phone support. Nice.