Visited a friend of mine last night. We ended up talking a little bit about the upcoming GNOME 2.6 release and especially Nautilus new spatial mode. I ended up trying to defend it even though I too are mildly sceptical of wether it actually is an improvement compared to the old way. What struck me is that I have no idea what the rationale is for switching to spatial mode for the default. I think what needs to be done here is that someone takes the time to write a small spatial advocacy article to post on or similar. If the proponents of spatial mode wants it to be positivly recieved I think they need to start spreading the message quickly or it might end up replacing the file selector as biggest nag issue :)

Also got of to a good start yesterday with some writings of my own. I have come to the conclusion that the hardest part of writing an article is actually writing the first draft. Once that first draft is finished it seems articles tend to just come together, even if I end up totally rewriting the article while polishing it. I think having the first version of the article done much makes it so much easier to continue because it gives me something concrete to relate to, so I can easier see what is missing and what is redundant, what is interesting and what is just blahblah. That said I am really curious to see how this article will be recieved as it is quite a departure in form from my earlier articles. Personally I think it will be an interesting article, but other might just see it as some form of ego gratification or something.