Dom just made a new release of librsvg. Lots of nice fixes from him and Caleb and the mozilla-plugin is much much nicer than in the 2.7.0 version. The rsvg-viewer even got a small appicon now :) Thanks to Tobias Jakobs for making the SVG we use for that.

Turned of spatial nautilus in gconf today. It simply do not work for me. The spatial setup is nice in theory, but for all practical reasons it just ends up giving you tons of extra windows I need to close (yes I now about shift+mouse click). While I do tend to use multiple windows for my file copying/management so is the browser navigation buttons much much more convenient to use than the solutions offerd in spatial nautilus. Personally I think that browser Nautilus will make its comeback as the default in GNOME 2.8.

Sent of my SVG article for publication today. Thanks to the people who proofread it for me, especially cinamod who fixed a lot of bad sentences etc.

As for the (l)ongoing language debate I think we need to allow for people to both use Java and C# (or any other language) that has a big enough community around it to ensure that bindings are kept up to date and follows the development of the rest of the desktop. Any other choice will cost those friends Havoc is worried about losing. And I don’t think GNOME’s by doing any kind of choice will be able to get Sun away from developing applications using their own JDK, or people at Novell from using their Mono stack. This might cause some disturbance in the force if they try to propose something for inclusion which depend on something not acceptible, but personally I think everyone is wise enough to realize that something which depend on something which is not GPL compatible will not be accepted into GNOME and due to that will not propose it in the first place.

As for using XPCOM or UNO, probably a nice idea, but we need some code not good wishes :)