It is incredible how much a horrible day at work suck you dry of energy. Todays assignment was one long hate session being sent out alone on an assignment which I had no business on being on in the first place, the customer contact who was supposed to be there to help me solve the problem (and who could have saved me hours just figuring out basics) was away at the doctors. The guy my company told me to call for assistance spoke so bad norwegian I almost gave up communicating with him. Then india called saying that the database where not upgraded as they wanted it upgraded so we had to restore a backup so they could upgrade the database themselves. Turned out that it was two steps at the end they where ‘missing’. Two steps they where told had not been run and which they could have run before they started. Two steps which they could run now, instead of demanding a rollback. People who say that India are virtually full of highly competent IT professionals are probably not competent enough to make the judgement. Not to say there are not good IT people in India, but the majority are only qualified to follow a step by step list (sadly that reminds me a lot of Norway). I am still smiling to myself thinking of that indian support guy I talked to a year ago who told me I couldn’t have found a bug as the system had been through our QA procedures. Anyway I am just to tired to fight and argue and told the customer to rollback from the backup tapes. I am leaving in two months anyway, I don’t care anymore. Most of the afternoon has been spent sleeping/watching television.