Went to the travel agent again today to adjust my travel plans. Since my cousin isn’t in Singapore I decided to instead go on a jungle trip in Borneo. So now I am signing up for a 13 day backpacking trip in the jungles in Bornea, with Orangutang sighting on the schedule :). My stay in Perth got a bit gutted form both sides by my changes, cutting the stay down from 10 to 5 days. Really starting to look forward to this trip :)

My appartment is sold now. I got 1 070 000 Norwegian kroners for it which is approximatly 133 000 Euros. A pretty good price consider I paid about half of that for it when I bought it.

Seeing the debates on osnews and Slashdot about wether Novell will be using Qt or not for their development is rather funny. Almost get the feeling its a life or death question for some of these people. Claims ranging from Red Hat having abandoned the desktop (guess all those people Havoc has been hiring for their desktop theme will have restfull days ahead then :). Sun switching to just using Java (with the side project of one person, Glow, being seen as the ultimate proof :) while the continued effort of the Sun desktop team, including they fantastic works of the documenters, and their search for a replacement for Mark (who was hired into the Red Hat desktop team) counts for no commitment of course. And although Nat did the Novell desktop talk at Brainshare his statements about Novell’s desktop plans are of course just figments of his imagination :)

Talking about desktop developments. There are some (still) behind the scenes development happening which has given me quite a bit of extra work trying to come up with a solution. It is a strange situation for me as I on one side feel that having the backing of a company allows us to actually offer a solution to the issue that at least is better than the alternative, yet on the other side the development flies in many ways in the face of what I ‘politically’ believe in. I feel like I am trying to make the loss smaller, yet I guess others can come to see my actions as selling out.