A small bump in the road in regards to my long world trip. I need to get an ISIC card before July. The university will not give me a student card until the end of July. Gives me a tad of a logistical problem, which I am trying to figure out how to work around. Already found one option, but it is relativly expensive. Anyone reading this have any suggestions for how I could qualify for a ISIC card without paying a fortune in tuition fees please let me know :)

Been dealing with some interesting groups over the last few days, strange how sometimes the expected bad guys are the most accomodating ones, and the expected good guys are like talking to the wall. Conversations like
Me: hi, we see you advertise ‘a’, but we want to do ‘b’, is this possible?

Reply: Have you looked into doing ‘a’.
Me: Yes, but ‘a’ is not possible for us we want to do ‘b’
Reply: We really hope you want to do ‘a’

At this point I am starting to wonder if I my question is understood, and I am getting the salesman version of ‘no’ or if he doesn’t understand my question.