Ok, so I just had easter vacation. The thing is that vacations tend to come with a lot of work, and this was no different. Spent most of my days washing, painting, polishing the sailboat. The rest I spent taking my appartment apart and packing stuff in preparation for moving out. I also spent some time getting my scooter running after a long winter in the cellar. So while there has been little ‘work’ work, there has been a lot of work.

Spent a lot of time today going over my mail and cleaning out the spam and replying to the important ones. Also once again learned the hard lesson on the importance of adding a filter for any recently joined mailing lists to avoid my inbox getting drowned.

thomasvs pinged me on the planned Rafting trip around GUADEC today. I still plan on trying to arrange something. Problem is that the rafting place I know is good is 610 kilometers from the place GUADEC is hosted (for those who wonder, yes we are a small country, but that is in regards to population; we are actually around the same size as Great Brittain in square kilometers). There is a rafting place close to GUADEC, but I never heard of it and is rather sceptical about the quality of the river. So I will go myself on a rafting trip there very soon to try it out. If it is good, then great, if it stinks then I wonder if this rafting trip will be feasible to pull of, except maybe for a few though nails who are willing to driver for 7-8 hours to get there and 5-6 hours to get back to Oslo/the main Oslo airport)