Things are moving ahead rapidly. Signed the sales contract for my appartment yesterday, will probably turn over the appartment a few days before the first of May, which doesn’t really give me much time to move out. Drove a huge pile of old furniture to the garbage dump yesterday evening and will be going through more stuff today in order to get the move underway. It will be really strange living under my mothers roof again after all these years, but since it is only for a few months I guess I survive :)

All this stuff is really detracting from the time I am spending online doing GNOME and GStreamer related stuff, which I feel a bit bad about, but I guess it is just the way things have to be. I am guessing that as soon as I have actually moved out of my appartment I will get lots of time for GNOME and GStreamer as my job at Oracle will wind down due to both summer and my leaving.

Lots of feelings are rushing through my head these days due to the dawning realization of the realities of all of this. I have sold my home, I am leaving my work in just two months, I have booked a 2 month trip around the world and I don’t formally have a new job yet :) I think a person more prone to worrying would panick at this point, personally I am just feeling very alive :)