Been packing and transporting my stuff like crazy for the last few days. Rediscovered that moving is actually a lot of work. Glad to see my hours at the gym has paid of somewhat since I was able to do lots of heavy carrying without getting badly exhausted.

So from today I have actually moved out of my appartment and moved into my mothers house. While I do have the appartment until the end of the month I figured I had already moved so much stuff out that it was getting a bit to spartan to keep living in the appartment. Not living there will also enable me to cancel electricity etc. right away and save a little more money. Money saved is money earned some wise people have said.

Think that the move will be completed next weekend, including cleaning the appartment to make it ready to be taken over.

David Vignoni has added a lot of new icons to the Nuvola theme in CVS. I really really need to get a gnome-themes-extras release out now. Especially since the last official release fail to compile with GTK+ 2.4.

I also ordered the new offical GNOME 2 programmers book. Looking forward to reading it and a big thanks to everyone involved for making it happen.