Things are going very smooth on the GStreamer front atm. in regards to cross-plattform support. Zaheer made a OSX audio sink, David Schleef has commited his Sun Audio sink, and the MSVS port is being polished, only need plugins for Windows audio and video and we should be set. A OSX native video sink would of course also be nice.

It is also nice to note that it seems that fewer and fewer people seem to have problems with the basics, like actually just getting Rhythmbox to play music on their system, which means we are starting to reach a good level of robustness IMHO.

Also upgraded to Fedora 2 last thursday. It was a pleasant use experience, but I am frustrated by the fact that the Wireless driver I need is still not ported to the 2.6 kernel. More troublesome is the fact that it is next to impossible to find a supported wireless cards in shops these days. Wonder how long it will be untill someone has managed to reverse engineer the drivers for the new hi-speed wireless cards so we can actually start using those with Linux. Lack of such drivers (among a lot of other small stuff) is why I basically agree that the Linux desktop is not ready for the consumer market yet. You can tell people that card XY is not (yet) supported, but you can’t tell them that NO card is supported.