Glad to see advogato is back up and running. I am currently sitting at an internet cafre in a small town in the middle of Sabah, Borneo. Had a great start of my vacation. I am on a trip done by a company called Intrepid, which specialize in adventure travel. The first night we spent sleeping in a small village being the guests of the Dusun people which is one of the local people of Borneo. They where really friendly to us and shared willingly (maybe a bit to willingly :) of their homemade ricewine. We had a great time talking, singing and drinking. The next day we had a small guided tour around their village before heading of to Mount Kinabalu which is the highets in South East Asia (4095 meters). It took two days of hard walking to reach the summit (staying the night at a lodge in the mountain) and getting up at 0200 in the morning to reach the summit at sunrise. Incredible to see the local people carrying stuff up the mountain as the lodge was supplied by foot so they had to carry everything up on their backs.

Going down really got to one of my knees, but luckily we are taking in easy at a hot springs resort today. Only thing on my schedule is going to see if some Orangutangs come to the an organized feeding session they do here.

Tommorow we are traveling on to visit the organgutang orphanage and to stay one night in a small village populated with bumiputras, which is the malaysian muslim people.

Traveling with a fun and interesting group of people; some very cute and single girls among them. Our tour leader Nathan Cox is a great guy and really pushes himself to make us have a good time.

Next update the next time I am near civilization :)