My adventures on Borneo continues. After leaving the hot springs of Porig we travelled on to stay a night out in the jungle. They had built a small wodden platou where we slept under a mosquito net. Was quietly lulled to sleep by the sounds of the jungle around me. The jungle was nice, but due to a forest fire some 60 years ago it was relativly young. Jungle cats came into our camp in the evening just before we fell asleep which was very cool. The night after we spent living together with the villagers in their houses. We where splitt into groups of two people and placed at various families. It was an interesting experience as you got very close on the daily life of the people of Borneo. The shower beeing a bucket of water and a smaller bucket to use for pouring the water onto yourself is quite a bit removed from the life I am accustomed to, but definetly an interesting experience.

Travelled onwards to the Sepilok Orangutang sanctuary. It was fun seeing all the young Orangutang’s come running in for the scheduled feeding. There was even a young mother with a child. No large males though as the older Orangutangs tend to stop comming to the sanctuary’s feeding sessions. On the afternoon feeding there was also a large host of smaller monkeys swarming around trying to steal bananas from the Orangutangs. I hope some of my photos turned out well.

Today we travelled to Sedakan, with a short detour to a Probiscius Monkey sanctuary. These monkeys only exist on Borneo and the mature males have a very distinctive look; a huge nose. They where definetly worth the watch, and it was kinda ecouraging to see that the sanctuary had been started by a palm oil plantation owner who after seeing the plight of the monkeys had decided to not turn the jungle into a palm oil plantation after all. (The vast majority of the tropical jungle in Sabbah has been cut down and replaced by palm oil plantations in just the last 10 years).

So know I am sitting at an internet cafe in Sadakan where we stay until tommorow when we take a boat to an island just outside here where sea turtles come in to lay eggs at night.

My next post will probably be from Australia and hopefully I be able to post my pictures online then too :)