Seems I am still not 100% attuned to Barcelona, after 3 trips I have still not done a really correct walk from work to Wim’s place yet :)

Sitting at the office currently and polishing my GStreamer slides in preparation for doing my talk at the KDE conference Akademy in Stuttgart on Sunday (leaving for Stuttgart this evening :).

Looking forward to being able to spend some time in real life with Wheels and Markey. Hopefully Wheels will not be to busy with being part of the organizing commitee to at least grab some beer in the evenings :)

My todo-list for next week is already starting to grow, but you can’t help having a good feeling for how things are going when your boss tells you to not make to many new initiatives for the next month as we need to focus on the engagements we already taken upon ourselves :). Hopefully we be able to get the real Fluendo website running next week and I can start adding content to it.

The job will take some mental adjustments for me I as the level of autonomy is wastly greater here than it was at Oracle.

Yesterday Noelle helped me getting started on finding an appartment. We ended up using a local agency to help us and hopefully they actually will help in the end (especially considering that their services was not cheap). Noelle explained in spanish multiple times to them that we where looking for something in walking distance from the World Trade Center and even showed them on the map the areas we felt where of interest. Yet the one appartment they offered me to look at yesterday turned out to be far far away from WTC. When Noelle called and asked why they had given us this appartment to look at when we asked for WTC walking distance and also clearly stated the name of the city areas we felt where within walking distance they answered that it was close to the subway….