So I am back after spending three days in Stuttgart attending the aKademy KDE conference. It was really great to meet Scott and Mark in real life and I kinda got to meet Rob Buis of KSVG fame (for 3 minutes at least :). It was of course also great to see and talk to Evangelia again, seems she will be visiting us here in Barcelona early next year. Scott made similar threats about visiting so it will be lots of guests I guess :)

The talk Scott and I did went pretty well the only thing I was a bit sorry about was not doing some fancy smancy demoes; their always popular and we did get a bit upstaged by the NMM guys :). On the other hand while cool demoes are fun; hackers do see through them so it wasn’t like it was a crisis that we didn’t have some. I am feeling very optimistic about the chances of KDE adopting GStreamer after this weekend, but of course the final decision lies in the hand of the KDE hackers.
At least I think being their and being able to talk to a lot of people did help clear up some misconceptions about GStreamer and of course people where very happy about Fluendo streaming the conference. We have gotten some requests from other conferences now about doing streaming so we have to see how to solve that, because as big supporters of free software we do want to help out whereever we can, but on the other side it takes a lot of time and resources for us.

Tommorow Julien told us we meet a new employee, seems we are growing steadily. By next year I guess we will be ready to make the Google IPO seem it was about playmoney :)

The Ferrari I got is still not big enough to sit in though, but I did supplement it with a Ferrari shirt and a Ferarri t-shirt while in was at the Milano airport. And they do said the clothes makes the man, so I guess the true size car will follow soon.

Went looking at two appartments today with Noelle. The first was ok, but rather far from the office. The second one was very cool, but a bit pricey. It had a huge terrace, 3 bedrooms, a big living room, a nice bathroom and a nice kitchen. It was also fully furnitured with some baroq style furniture. While I guess I can afford 900 euro’s a month it do eat up more of my salary than I would like. I mean one of the points of living in a place like Barcelona is..well living…and as we all know most things in life isn’t free. I don’t want to end up being one of those who always say no when something is suggested cause I can’t afford it. Stupid Spanish renting laws also make it hard taking the appartment and then terminating the contract if I decide that the appartment is making me too poor.

Well tommorow it is time for more appartments probably and also getting my social security number. Until I get that Fluendo can’t sign my contract and until they do that I am unpaid labour, which doesn’t work out to well when you are tempted to go for pricey appartments :)