I got my laptop today, so no more working on the server for me :) Getting Fedora 2 to run on the laptop did remind me thought why Linux isn’t truly there for moms computer yet. It took me a lot of trial and error using various hints from the internet to get X to utilize the widescreen correctly. Thanks to thomasvs RPM repository I was able to get hold of a RPM which partially added support for my Intel wireless chipset, from another site thomas pointed me to I got hold of an RPM with the actual firmware for that wirelss chipset. My laptop basically works now, but it took some hours of work and would have taken longer hadn’t thomas gone through a similar setup and made the RPM.

We also got a Dell printer in the office. We managed to get the printer working pretty quick with the server, but getting a client to print through CUPS has been hell so far. Not sure what the problem is anymore at this point, but CUPS network permissions seems to be at least part of the story.

I also got the Fluendo website sent over. Been working todaya on adding content to it. Plan to have it up this week.

Seems Julian and Pascal isn’t sleeping either, they came up with a new contract for Fluendo today which we have to sort out how to handle without delaying the Streaming media servers release.