Things are still continuing at an ardent phase, thing it will be a few weeks at least before I feel fully housewarm in my new job, but I am definetly getting there.

Fluendo is getting a daughter company now which is rather cool and its first employee might be starting as soon as next week it seems.

Been working on the website for the most part of the day. I have other things on my todo list also, but I feel that getting a presentable website up is a very important first step for most of the other steps. Someone recieving a mail from me and wanting to learn more about Fluendo will not be very impressed by the site that is currently there :)

Due to the procedures of one of our partnering companies I have also had to learn how to use GPG over the last few days, although thomasvs still refuse to acknowledge me as a GPG master.

Almost tempted to look him out of the rafting trip we are planning for this weekend for not acknowledging me as a potential OpenBSD user.

Btw, if anyone out there, as I have now, had problems with some XKB error message popping up everytime you log in (yet everything seems to work ok) please tell me how to get rid of it.