Ok, so the website is finally done. Or actually it still needs me to read it over once again as it turned out to contain many weird sentences and bad spelling once fresh eyes took a look at it. Hopefully we manage to iron out the last nicks in that department tommorow so the website can go live. You tend to go blind when having looked and worked as much on the website as I have now. Saddest part is that I guess I spent almost as much time just fixing/creating graphics as actually writing content, but that is another story.

Thomas is currently pouring over the pages to clean up the code; guess ugly code doesn`t sit to well with him even for HTML :)

Also started my spanish lessons yesterday, although a bit embarassaing as I arrived late and left early. Probably didn`t impress anyone with a dedicated student image for that.

Also think I found myself an appartment finally today. Only negative thing is that I really hate some furniture there, but hopefully the owner is willing to remove it or at least let me throw it away. To make sure however I will be visiting another appartment tommorow, but I have a feeling I take the one I saw today. Hope it doesn` get rented by someone else in the meantime.