Ok, so I tried sleeping in my appartment this weekend. A somewhat mixed experience. My main issue at this point is the lack of a good bed. The one I am sleeping on now is way to short for me which made it quite uncomfy for me to lie in it. Planning in fixing that soonish, in fact I am selling my Oracle shares now to have money to buy some really nice stuff for the appartment. Was planning on using the sailboat money for this, but I have a feeling that selling the sailboat will take some time.

The second issue is that my electrical power is kinda weak. Having a 10 amp fuse for the whole appartment is rather poor, proven by the power going everytime I try to wash my clothes (and have the fridge running at the same time). My landlord promised to fix this, hopefully he is able to do so without turning my appartment into a deathtrap.

Think I also have found a solution for getting my stuff down to Bcn from Oslo. I will buy an old truck in Oslo, drive it down and sell it. As long as the truck doesn´t shut down somewhere in the middle of europe that should be the cheapest solution.

Seems like I am also the main attraction for our demo stream currently. Hope that changes before the stream becomes public :)