Ok, so after a lot of tweaking today I finally managed to get the DellA920 printer running with CUPS on our server and share the queues. Learned that there is still a lot that needs to be made better in the printing area. What made my job even harder is that we needed a special printer driver provided by Lexmark for the printer. For some reason so doesn´t the RedHat print config tool handle having new drivers added so I needed to use the Web Interface of cups to add the printer as that let me choose my new installed driver. The problem with the web interface however is that it doesn´t let you configure stuff like wether to allow browsing and from whom. I tried using the Red Hat tool for that, but the tool then just undid the setting I made in the web config which killed its usefullness.
After pulling my hair for a while I did some Googling and I found this rant by Eric Raymond. Seems he had much of the same issues I had with getting the thing running. The rant is actually a good read and points out the horror that is the current print setup utilities and docs. Anyway in his rant he did provide me with enough info to manually fix the cups file and voila the print queue popped up on my laptop too. Only downside being that it doesn´t pop up on some of the other computers without anyone understanding why.