Long day at the office reading through CSS licensing terms, streaming server documentation. Julien´s interview with osnews is now online talking about our plans for Fluendo. It also includes a link to our office Ogg Theora/Ogg Vorbis stream which is decoded by a Java applet. Yes, that is correct we have ported Ogg Theora to Java. Or rather Wim Taymans our turbo powered hacker did it :).

Skipped my Spanish class today to participate in a small meeting we had discussing development plans going forward. My main motivation for going to Spanish class has also been skipping classes lateley, hopefully both I and her will be back on Monday :)

We are having our first company party tommorow, or at least the first since my arrival. Ronald is flying in and it will be nice to see him again.

Guess I try dragging poor Wim to Ikea on Saturday :)