Life continues in Barcelona. Had a great evening yesterday. The Fluendo team met at thomasvs place to go through Wim´s plan for fixing the remaining issues in GStreamer, or rather hear what Wim had so far and provide feedback. If we are to convice the community to go with this the plan needs to be rock solid. The fun thing with Wim of course is that whenever someone had a question or worry he could show that it was already covered somewhere further down in the document :). Wim is incredible. Later in the evening we barbequed and Miguel came over. He had some problems finding the doorbell so he called someone in the US to go onto IRC and find us and tell us he was outside :). Some people would call that a geeky solution to the problem :)

He had seen Wim’s applet while browsing in the airport in Paris and was quite impressed with it. I hope he and the rest of the world will also be impressed when Fluendo release our streaming server next month. We think it is pretty impressive for a first release, but it is hard to guess what others will think.

We are planning on going to the Mono talk on thuesday, but I wonder how interesting it will be for me since it will be in Spanish. Then again considering the english skills of a lot of people here I wonder how interesting it would be for the rest of the audience if he held it in english :). Guess I need to keep going to spanish classes. And I am getting rather determined to prove my co-workers wrong on their evalution of my chances with the israeli model girl from my spanish class :) When they even bring in Miguel in on teasing me about it I take is as a declaration of war :)

Monday will be spent going through and answering all the mails the slashdotting generated and polishing up the roadmap for our products.