Yesterday evening I returned from work and decided to sit outside on my balcony enjoying the evening and looking out towards the sea, contemplating life in general. Well it worked out well enough, but when I changed position in the chair as a preparation to get up the chair literally fell apart. It was one of these all white plastic chairs and obviously the plastic had become old and fragile. So instead of getting up I found myself hitting the tile floor of my balcony and getting jabbed by several sharp pieces of white plastic. Spent the next 5 minutes crawling into the living room and au oh ah au oh on the sofa. Think my landlord should be very happy he didn’t show up at that time to pick up the furniture he has promised to take away (now including the remaining white plastic chair) or he might have found himself being the target of me stress testing the other chair by hitting him with it. Today my tailbone is tender, but I think it will be ok.

Today I also went to Vodafone again to try to get a local phone subscription for my cell phone. Well when she told me she needed my account number the last time that wasn’t enough, she today told me she needed my actual reciept from the bank. I managed to keep smilling and went back to my appartment and got that. I also got my appartment renting contract and my passport (I had already given them a photocopy) to be sure I wouldn’t be sent away again.
Then I arrive at Vodafone again and suddenly they tell me that since Norway isn’t a member of the European Union vodafone will probably turn me down. What I would need is the NIE number/card in order to be approved. They would try, but still I shouldn’t expect to be approved. Aaaargh!!!

Ok, so I tried going to the police station to see if my NIE card was ready (I applied for it on 26th of August). At the police I was told I was back way to soon. 1st of October was when she thought it might be ready…

I love BCN and Spain, but sometimes this place makes me consider agressive behaviour.

Me and Thomas is going to see Miguel’s talk today, wonder how it will work out with the spanish :)