Starting to feel more on top of my tasklist. Not that is has grown much shorter, but at least I feel more confident that I will be able to deliver whats needed for when its needed.

Starting thinking again on gnome-themes-extras and what to do with it. The problem is that most of the themes are mostly unmaintained in the sense that no-one is making new icons for them. David is still working on Nuvola and has promised me a host of new icons closer to Christmas. Jimmac is theoretically still working on Gorilla. But for Amaranth, Lush and Wasp there will be no icons and I do not really get much contributions for icons. I am considering putting a request for new artist/maintainers for the unmaintained themes in the next release announcement and then remove those of the themes I don’t get new maintainers for. I would then do a new release of those unmaintaned themes standalone for people who want to continue using them even without new icons getting added. I expect that g-t-e will only contain Gorilla and Nuvolla after that, but such is life. Maybe there will be other themes which I can feel confident about being maintained that can go in.

Thomas is gone for Boston for a few days which is problematic in regards to booking the rafting. If we go the weekend of 25/26 will he be able to come, will Kristien be able to come. Do Lotte want to come? Should we ask Ishmael? Lots of questions, but no-one to answer them :)