Read The DaVinci Code yesterday. On many levels I find it to be as good as the reviews leads you to belive. For instance he has clearly researched the background for his topic very well and weave his story very well together with the real world. In regards to raising important spritual questions I think his book is a a masterpiece. The problem in my point is that he seems to have skimped somewhat on the character development and motivations in the book. For instance I am still not sure why a woman who loves his grandfather very much, who has been raised by him and due to that probably share his rather liberal values should be so morally shocked when learning that her grandfather participates in sexual rites that she refuse to speak to him for ten years. The reaction seem to extreme and her anger to longlasting considering who she is and the nature of the ‘transgression’.

The trigging event of the book also seems a bit weird considering the conclusion of the book. Considering that fear of loss of knowledge is the starting point then a conclusion which basically says there was no real risk of knowledge being lost is kinda weird, especially when the person at the begining should have known this.

Also having the crock behave crocked at a point in time when behaving non-crocked would rather obviously give him increased chance of success towards his goal is also a bit weird, although the author do try (unconvincingly) to justify his behaviour somewhat.

Another point never explained is that if your family is in continues mortal danger until the secret you guard becomes publicly known then you have a rather strong motivation to reveal it. The rather cavalier attitude of ‘grandma’ in regards to the urgency of publicising it seems a bit out of place due to this.