It is incredible how much small issues can cause big pain. I have NVIDIA card on my machine and have been trying for some time to get a program that uses some NVIDIA specific OpenGL stuff and the Cg tools. Problem is that this program needs the NVidia version of glext.h to compile. This have given me a series of headaches. First of all it turns out this header are not installed by the NVidia installer script unless you run it with –opengl-header as a command line option. Secondly since I was using the installer this header file kept being overwritten when I got security updates etc. of Mesa.

Ok so tired of playing that game I installed the nvidia rpms today form Turns out they are built without the –opengl-headers option so the files are missing in there too :) Filed a bugzilla report to so hopefully there will be a new package soon with the needed header files.

sometimes it is a bit painfull living on the edge :)

Pushed new releases of GStreamer, GStreamer Plugins and Totem today. Hopefully good enough for Fedora 3 already :)