Another day of reading through contracts, updating myself on the technology issues involved and more. Discovered Bastien felt I overstated his intentions in my latest posting :). Sorry Bastien.

Anyway Wim and Ronald is continuing their crusade to fix playback issues. An issue where people using newer version of gnome-vfs didn’t manage to view the Fluendo stream using Totem turned out to be a server bug. Since we haven’t seen the bug with any other software I am guessing the issue is so common that most applications have a workaround for it. Which of cause makes the issue harder to spot for server developers and thus many pieces of server software have the bug, which in turn pressures applications developers to add a workaround for it. And you have an evil circle going. Anyway the server is now fixed and the stream streams beautifully even with gnome-vfs 2.8 (with no work-around :).

Planing on reading the RTP book we have at the office. While will not be doing any of the implemenation work myself I felt I needed to know more as RTP and RTSP of course are very important protocols in our business. So Colin Perking, I don’t know who you are, but I do hope your technical writing is understandable also for mere mortals :)

We also got a book at the office called ‘Streaming Media Bible’ not long ago. I had hoped it would be a good book to learn some basics of streaming for the less technically inclined at the office. The book has some usefull parts, and I guess it will be a better book for Alexia than me, but I have to said I was disapointed on the book. One thing I was hoping to find for instance was some in-depth discussion on the various streaming protocls and their pro and cons. Think I found one small paragraph making some broad statements so far.

Started reading Harry Potter at home before going to sleep. Did half of book 3 last evening and I guess I finish it today or tommorow.

Also returning to Oslo on Friday for a short weekend visit. Will try and arrange for some more of my stuff to be transported down to Barcelona. Will also be nice to get away from appartment fixing, work, and spanish for a few days :)