Wim, Johan and me meet up with some cool and crazy hackers in Barcelona last night trying to help them get Flumotion going so they could stream the Piksel conference in Norway today with it. They had a really cool office in Raval which was part office part hackers cave :) Got a system called Pure Data demonstrated which where quite cool. Kinda like gst-editor on steroids. Had a great time compiling software, drinking, lots of ‘tobaco’ being smoked and in the end debating world problems.

Bilboed reported good progress on Pivitivi
today. Happy to see a GStreamer and Gnonlin based Non Linear editor finally nearing a first release. I have promised to help with advocating Pivitivi and grow a vibrant development community around it. Hopefully we succeed :)

Been playing my music over the last days using Amarok. Its using GStreamer and Markey have been doing some great work both hacking GStreamer and Amarok to get it to where it is today. If you are a fan of xmms style music players this is definetly a step up from xmms. The inline visualizations for instance are very nice; and the fade to silense on exit is another cute touch. Not sure how much I agree with the UI choices done in the playlist setup, but with the huge amount of music players out there, variety is good. No point in having 10 players who behave identical :)

Got the contract with David Vignoni signed today so he will start creating new artwork for Fluendo starting monday. Hopefully we will have a Flumotion release it not to many weeks looking stellar :) Having worked with David a lot before, since he is the maker of the Nuvola icons which I put into gnome-themes-extras, I am really looking forward to working with him on Fluendo related graphics. Might also make getting Nuvola in g-t-e up to date easier :)

Weekend aproaching now. Going to the cinema today with Johan Dahlin to once again try to see collateral. Then afterwards I probably try to hook up with Wim to experience some more of Barcelona’s nightlife.
On thuesday thomasvs will be thankfully be back. He way to central to our operations to not have on hand here. Already have a long list of items I need to discuss with him.