Yesterday it was a public holiday in Spain so I went over to Wim’s place to watch some movies on the projector. Thomas came over for the first film of the evening, LOTR Fellowship of the Ring extended edition. To say that the film was a hit with Thomas I guess is a bit of an exhageration :)

The second movie Wim and I watched was Kiss of the Dragon by Luc Besson (staring Jet Li and Bridget Fonda). I have to say I am getting rather disapointed with mr.Besson. His movies seems less and less inspired lately. I loved the 5th element, Jeanne D’arc and the first Taxi movie. The two Taxi followups and now Kiss of the Dragon seemed like they are made without any real feeling, just pumping out cliche like movies.

Worked a bit on improving the GStreamer webpages today. They are actually not so bad, but some things tend to become old and need updating. I will also do a overhaul of the GStreamer application webpage over the next few days to add all the new applications using GStreamer that are popping up.

Did a small meeting at Fluendo today in order to try and figure out how to proceed short term. Always a challenge in a new company to balance between your long term and short term goals. For instance there are some items we can do short term in regards our products which has instant commerical appeal. On the other side doing these will detract attention from our long term commerical goals. We will have a follow up meeting with Julien tomorrow to make some decisions.

Noticed Animal Shelter management software popping up on gnomefiles today. I always thought that the narrow niche applications would be the ones never to go opensource, but I guess I have just been proven wrong :)

I also request that anyone reading my blog ask johan dahlin aka jdahlin on IRC on when the first release of his gst-python and gtk-python based video transcoding application will be out. He needs some encouragement :)