So I posted my candidacy for the GNOME foundation board today. Hopefully we will have enough candidates to make it a real vote, think I would feel better not getting on the board after being part of a large field of candidates than getting on the board due to there not being enough candidates to make it a real election. Anyway I hope anyone reading this will vote for me :)

Zaheer have gotten quite some downloads of his Caster live-cd. He only announced it in his blog, so I guess planetgnome actually has a decent readership. Next step is for zaheer to start merging the DVB plugins for gstreamer :)

Iain is working on getting ding-caching abstraction into GStreamer. It is the last thing needed before we can make GNOME only rely on GStreamer instead of directly on a sound server. This will make the transition to using polypaudio much smoother and it will also make sure that when someone wants to ouput directly to their soundcards, then everything gets sent that way, not just most of the stuff. We just have to hope that the email address I set him up with will not distract him to much from the hacking :)

Discovered that the new Novell desktop comes with alsa disabled in regards to gstreamer. Had hoped that Suse being ‘the’ alsa company would have patched our plugin instead of fixing it. Anyway Ronald will be working on making the alsa plugin robust now that we have chained ogg support working in GStreamer CVS.

Also happy to see Bastien propose Totem/GStreamer for inclusion in GNOME. Would be happier if he had tried the solution himself, but I guess you can’t win em all :)

Also noted that Martin Soto commited his new cothreads based scheduler into GStreamer CVS this weekend. Hopefully this means he started on merging upstream his changes to GStreamer to get ‘perfect’ DVD support going.

Jan is hacking on annodex support for GStreamer. Guess we even try to add support for it in the java applet player. Hopefully we can so do fun stuff like the clickable tv casts seen in Starship troopers. ‘Want to learn more?’ :)

Finally got my domains moved over to apestaart. Hopefully I get email working again soon so my mail don’t start bouncing. Since it is set up now I guess I have no more excuses for not getting going :)

Already up and running on Fedora 3, think it is the first time I am doing some before the offical release :) Now is only Thomas will hurry up about getting updated rpms with webcam and wireless drivers ready :) The Nvidia rpm from livna already installed :)