Playing with JDS and more

Working on a bugfix release of the flumotion streaming server. Starting too look nicer as more and more robustness fixes and polish gets in. Thomas did a very nice hack today to get the hardware name into the GUI today, so instead of just having /dev/video0 you are now told it is a Logitech Webcam for instance. I did a teststream from my extremely low quality webcam today using the server.
viewing the stream in 3 different players
. It is nice to see that Theora support is getting quite widespread :)

audio cd playing does not work for me with Fedora 3; and it looks like /dev/cdrom is not generated for me; cause it a DVD? Recreatig /dev/cdrom fixed only part of the problem. need to investigate more and file a report.

Also tested the JDS livecd Callum linked to. It works well, in fact some stuff feels snappier than on my FC3 install. Guess they do some pre-loading or ramdisk magic to make that happen.I also think the wide ‘start’ button is a nice feature as its is easier to hit then the small hat/foot I struggle with today.

One not so nice thing about JDS is that they include a lot of different technologies, but does nothing to make them look relativly the same. Why for instance are the Java apps not using GTK+ look and feel? And a theme for Yast/Qt so it looks like the Sun GTK+ would make the admin tools a little less alien.