They said it was not possible, but I managed to do it. After my ‘two weeks’ schedule ended up being 3 months I have now managed to put my photos from my little trip to Borneo, Australia, South Africa and Namibia online. Go to to check them out, this especially goes for anyone who had any contact with me during the trip :)

Next step is actually making a real homepage :)

Almost forgot, connected my camera to Fedora 3 for the first time today. All I got to say is Rock On! Having the camera being identified and a window popping up asking me if I wanted to get the images from the camera was just great. No more fiddling with gphoto (which worked but sucked UI wise). And they say it never pays living on the bleeding edge :)

As a comment I can’t help but feel the Linux Core Consortium smells for United Linux 2 with a little different branding.