I now have the l33t3st webpage since the golden era of Enlightenment.

Found Jon Lech Johansen’s blog and homepage yesterday through Ronald. Seems he is hacking on a lot of cool stuff, like his screenshot showing windows media 9 or his tool to support streaming music to the applet airport express. Wonder what it would take to get him to work on his stuff in a GStreamer context :) Judging by his screenshots he is running GNOME with the Gartoon theme.

Richard Hoelscher showed me a screenshot today of his work making Gnotski scalable using librsvg. While it was nice I still maintain that the main problem with Gnotski is that I never understood how to play the game :)

Freedesktop being out of commison has kept us from making a new release of gst-plugins, which contains a lot of fixes for both playback and flumotion. A new release of gst-plugins is also a pre-req for Ronald to be able to release his video recorder application.