Sometimes I get depressed about the silly stuff the norwegian government does. Even now that I don’t live there anymore. Latest and greatest is that a Norwegian government agency has started a scientific study into wether earthworms feel pain or not. The reason for this seems because they wonder if fishing with earthworms on the hook can constitute sadistical behaviour towards animals under norwegian law……please can somebody please take away the budget of these people?

Rumour has it that Daniel Stone hacked fd.o himself just to drive more traffic to his blog :)

Time has come for us to start pushing flumotion harder. Most people seem to get the latest version working easily and the website should be up this weekend at least. So next week I will start figuring out how to get as much attention as possible onto the server from people also outside the traditional crowd. One early goal is getting some of the radio stations streaming Ogg Vorbis to start using it for instance.

Bastien was extremely quick to fix my latest Totem bug report. I requested support for drag and dropping url’s from the webbrowser into Totem, so that people could for instance drag and drop the Fluendo office URL onto Totem to test it. The day after my report the enhancement was implemented, thanks Bastien!