Spider replied in his blog to my review of Vendetta. While after reading his mail I think some of my criticisms, of the level system for instance, where based on inexperience with the game, my main criticism still stands. That the game is not very good at generating a feeling of a ‘living’ world around you. Which was something Elite where good at. I also think the game is so alike Elite in a lot of ways including setting and gameplay that comparing it to that game is more than fair. And while I can symphatize with the fact that they are a small company and can’t do everything at once, hey I work for a company with the same sort of challenge, I also feel it is fair to state what makes the game not entertaining enough for me, or at least not fun enough to start paying after my 8 hours of free play. I think the foundation is there though so I probably try again in some months to see how things have evolved.

Wim put the source to libcolorspace into public subversion today. It is an colorspace conversion library which does every colorspace known to mankind, or at least more than any other such library out there. The library is also more tuned for doing various kinds of optimizations than current libraries for colorspace conversion. Probably will be using liboil for some of the optimization work. When the first release is out we probably start looking into making it the default colorspace library for GStreamer, as opposed to the current forked colorspace library from ffmpeg. Guess libcolorspace will be our fourth default colorspace library, with Hermes, ffcolorspace, forked ffcolorspace and soon libcolorspace :)

Both Inkscape and librsvg developers are working on improving font handling. Followed the librsvg debate most closely and getting font/text handling perfect will be a though job. Current questions in a librsvg context is wether pango is suitable or if not suitable can it be made suiteable, and if it is not suitable and can’t be made suiteable how can it be approached without Caleb and Dom getting an ulcer.

Got freedesktop CVS access again today, woohoo :) Now if only Iain will commit his ding caching abstraction system so we can start patching GNOME :)