Turned out to be a slight caps negotioation error on the pipeline transfering information on the current capabilities of libcolorspace between Wim/Thomas and me. The word supports do not mean implemented I learned today :)

A glorious moment today as my new living room furniture arrived from Ikea today. One step closer to having the perfect appartment. Now I have no excuse to not keep the place tidyer though.

Saw the other day that Pamela Jones of Groklaw fame quit her job since she felt it was being used by SCO and MS to FUD linux and free software. That kind of dedication impress me.

Gotten some complaints that I have not made any buttons or posters for my GNOME Foundation election campaign. I appologize to any potential voters who feel unapreciated due to this.

If the puny piece of metal Nat got cost 18 000 USD, I am guessing becoming Wolverine is outside his budget.

Also very happy to see interest growing around David Schleef’s liboil project. Ideally it could end up being used in swfdec, libcolorspace, libtheora and librsvg with current discussions.

Went to the cinema with Thomas and Kristien yesterday to see the new Bridget Jones Diary movie. Johan and Wim are now convinced I have a mental problem since I didn’t go with Wim to see Aliens vs Predator instead.