We did a new release of gst-plugins today. A bit after schedule due to the freedesktop downtime, but still a nice release. Chained Ogg support and the new polypaudio plugin for instance. In addition to a boatload of bugfixes.

The release allowed Ronald to commit his backlog of patches, which among other things included surround support for selected GStreamer plugins and VCD/SVCD support.

Done a few screenshots of Totem recently one which is the new sample image on gstreamer.net, and the second showing Totem playing a Flash file using swfdec.

Been preparing a press release for the formal launch of Flumotion. Considering our pipeline I think I will get to do a press release on almost a weekly basis for a little while :)

The polypaudio debate on gnome-desktop devel has flooded over into kde-multimedia. Was especially happy to see people there voicing concern over wether there was a polypaudio GStreamer plugin or not. Which coincided well with Scott’s interview where he also talks about GStreamer and KDE.