Noticed a nice feature of Red Hat bugzilla today. When you update a bug which is set to ‘needinfo’ it automatically gets set to ‘assigned’ again. In GNOME bugzilla this has to be done automatically and I have often seen bugs which the maintainer have forgotten about since its stuck in needinfo mode.

Tim-Phillip Mueller announced a webpage for his GStreamer based DVD ripper today. Very cool! Early stage, but still very cool.

A new tool in FC3 is the network manager. Which for some reason I can not phantom has its binaries named with caps; like NetworkManagerInfo. I guess the tool is considered rather beta yet cause I have yet to discover anywhere in the menu or network tools on how to activate it, which I guess mean that unless you are not experienced enough to get it set up from the command line you are not meant to use it.
It also seems to have a crasher bug. The network at home has the same name as the network at work (as it was the only way for me with the old system to get internet both at home and at work without having to reconfigure the network everytime.). At home the NetworkManager always crash, so I guess it gets confused or something that there is a network with the same name as one it knows with different parameters (or something like that, not sure where to look for logs that can tell my anything), probably in some weird directory called Logs somewhere :) Apart from this is works well enough :)

Have a big plan for the weekend to get a haircut. Basically I haven’t cut my hair since I left Norway in June. Hope words like ‘poco’ and ‘medio’ will be enough to get a haircut within proximity of what I want.

Went through and cleaned up my papers today, have a nice binders now filled to the brim with NDA’s, Patent agreements and all kind of tasty goodies :)

We are trying to challenge Wim into writing a theora decoder in assembly for C64, lets see what happens :)