For some reason I am now locked onto the top of planet GStreamer with an empty post. I thought first it had to be related to the problems with advogato last week and that the RSS feed from advogato had some problems, but looking at it I think its clean, besides planet GNOME do not have this problem.

On the other hand I do not understand what is the problem with Planet GStreamer either. I have tried deleting the cache multimple times, but the problem just keeps being there.

Maybe it is some strange characters or something in a blog entry triggering this, if that is the case I guess it will go away once the entry in question falls out of the date range planet grabs.

Noticed that my old Loki games titles don’t work anymore on latest Fedora release. Found a thread on fedora-devel confirming it, but no solution. Guess it is the final goodbye to these games. Heroes3 was begining to be a bit old anyway.