The GStreamer bugsquashaton continues. We are now down to 288
bugs including NEEDINFO’s from well over 320 just last week. Using the statistics from the Weekly GNOME bug summary report we are down to 220 open bugs. Hopefully we manage to get the bug count low enough to fall out of that list. Currently Conglomerate is at the bottom of that shameful list (of top 15 GNOME bugzilla modules) so we need below 134 open bugs to get out. Next step is being less buggy than Ephiphany with 178 Open bugs and Metacity with 175 open bugs on that list. So watch out Ephiphany and Metacity developers, one or two more weeks and the GStreamer community can start refering to Ephiphany and Metacity as a big piles of bugs :)

Goetz Waschk the MandrakeLinux packager supreme mailed me today saying that Flumotion in Cooker now works like a charm for him. Which means we have our first report on Flumotion working with Python2.4 also. For me the flumotion-admin program segfaults on Mandrake for some reason to be investigated. Anyway I hope as many MandrakeLinux users out there try out the shiny sparkling Flumotion package. Thanks Goetz!

Still working on getting Flumotion integrated with Fedora. Mailed the fedora-devel list proposing Flumotions inclusion in FC4. Colin Walters seems to have some suggestions on how to do it nicely using ACL instead of groups. So hopefully the Red Hat bugreport will be reopened by Bill Nothingham now that Colin has a easier to implement proposal in it.

Ah, and my announced cool press release will be delayed till sometime durng Q1 of the new year, so I guess I have to figure out other ways to make some big splashes before then :)