Happy new year to everyone!

rbultje: I would agree with you if people where suggesting a legal ban on buying fireworks and mandatory use of the money saved to foreign aid. But if you are actually saying that sharing thoughts/discussing issues related to society and private values should never be done then I think you are not thinking of the consequences of such a ‘ban’. In fact it would go straight against your own recent blogs on the murder of Theo van Gogh.

I tried the demo for the recent Linux port of Robin Hood during Christmas week. The gameplay is very similar to the game Commandoes for those of you who have tried that. I enjoyed the game quite a lot and tried ordering the full version, but I am still not sure I was able to do so (some problems with the online ordering system screwing up my mastercard number).

Also noticed an interesting project on Freshmeat the other day. Metatheme seems to be an abstraction layer for theme engines that allows you to write theme engines that covers GTK+, Qt and Swing. I haven’t gotten around to testing it yet, but if it work the way I got the impression it works from the website I for one would push for it beeing adopted as a freedesktop shared system. Combined with the icon theming specification this could be a big step forward.

On the topic of themes, there is a new icon theme on art.gnome.org called ChaninDjoole really nice looking IMHO.