Been trying to find a nice open source CRM system for Fluendo. Being a GNU/Linux company we want something that is fully open source. One of the first I looked at was Compiere as it seemed like a rather extensive solution which had other functionality as well so it would be easy to grow with. But it only supports running on Oracle databases, which sorta killed the open source aspect of it IMHO.

Currently installing and testing SugarCRM which I saw people recommend in various forums etc. My inital testing makes it look relativly nice, but I need to try and run a full virtual sales cycle in it to get more of a feel for it before I decide. If anyone reading this have any experience with open source CRM systems and has something to recommend feel free to mail me at uraeus at gnome dot org.

Wim’s work on his branch for GStreamer 0.9 is progressing very well. He is currently demoing lighting fast seeking with on-the-fly previewing meaning it displays the keyframes as you drag the seekbar back and forth. Not everything is perfect yet of course, but it is looking very nice so far.

Zaheer is in Barcelona with his wife Alia, to celebrate her birthday. We are going out to eat with them today so hopefully we will be able to dig up a nice place that serves halal meat.

Wim, Thomas, Kristien, Zaheer, Alia and me all went to see Sky Captain yesterday. Managed to scare Zaheer and Alia with claims of it being dubbed in Spanish :) Anyway it turned out to be a rather entertaining movie. Not Oscar material I guess as the acting was maybe a bit wooden at times, but still a fun storyline and setting. I guess the Wizard of Oz clip in the beginging was rather fitting :)