cbj: A couple of notes on GNOME Volume Control. First of all Ronald who maintains it has requested feedback on it during its design multiple times in his blog here on advogato, so as an advogato blogger you had the chance to give input. Secondly I don’t know what version of gnome volume control you are using but the latest one being developed for GNOME 2.10 have tried to limit the number of controls. Thirdly the issue of alsa muting itself is not GVC fault and needs to be solved by the distribution maker/alsa developers. Since GVM isn’t a daemon it can’t check your ALSA setting on boot and reset them to thhe setting of your previous session.

GStreamer: Have to agree with Ronald that some of the responses on gnomedesktop are rather disapointing. Yes, it is fair to ask when we get support for xy, but when people start claiming bugs are getting ignored I feel myself getting rather annoyed. Anyone who have actually looked at the last 5-6 releases of the various components we have done see that they contain a huge list of bugfixes.
Anyone following the bug statistics of Bugzilla know we have lowered the bug count significantly over the last months.

In regards to our ongoing bugcount war with metacity and ephiphany they have taken a lead we are having some problems with closing. Not because the pace of bug closing have gone down, but because the pace of bug opening have increased. Luckily a lot of these new reports are patches for new plugins and new functionality so hopefully we will be able to overcome them and continue lowering our bug count.

GStreamer licensing advisory: Got a reply from Stallman on the licensing advisory for GStreamer. He had many objections to certain wordings and statements, but all in all I think I will be able to accomodate him on most of his objections in my next revision. I guess the biggest issue is the licensing interpretation statement, which Stallman certainly did not like and said he would oppose loudly. While I understand that having a large group of apps include a statement of interpretation which runs opposite of the interpretation the FSF supports could undermine the effort of the FSF (which I do not want) I have to balance that against the fact that some application developers have seemed much more open to using such a statement with the license than adding a clause or relicensing.

GNOME: While not strictly GNOME I noticed the new beta of Adobe Acrobat 7 is using GTK+. Being a long time GNOME participant it is nice to see major companies like Adobe use our toolkit for one of their flagship products. I am still looking forward to seeing Evince though, and that will be my primary PDF viewer when its out in a stable release. But as long as free pdf viewers sometimes fail it is good to know that even the proprietary fallback solution will integrate nicely.

Barcelona: Went to the Port Aventura ammusement park yesterday with zaheer and his wife Alia. We had a great time, and I think the roller coaster there was the biggest one I ever taken. Saw a lot of fun shows too. Did learn that Alia should not be trusted when it comes to train timetables though.

Really looking forward to Wingo coming on the 15th, he is sorely needed after Johan’s departure at work and he is a really cool guy to hang out with too :) I hope he is making sure to hassle Leif about MIDI support in GStreamer while staying with him.