The GStreamer licensing advisory is getting rather nice now with its latest revisions. Ended up removing the interpretation statement suggestion after RMS almost ate his beard over it. While legally sound I guess it profilerating would have led to undermining the official intepretation of the FSF. Guess the time of putting the document onto the GStreamer homepage is growing closer.

Only problem still is that everyone developing GPL licensed software considers themselves a better interpretors of the GPL than the laywers at FSF. Which makes relicensing discussions rather outdrawn. Still Buzztard and Muine have already said they relicense or add a clause so I guess the effort is slowly moving forward. I will start on getting gst-editor etc. relicensed this week and when we clean up gst-player to use playbin we can ditch the playlist and we then suddenly have a LGPL movie playing application.

Bastien said he do some rounds with the Red Hat lawyers internally also on the question, so hopefully Totem will get sorted out soon. Personally I stopped caring what lawyer/person XY thinks about the subject, the fact that there are lawyers out there who think it is a problem is enough for me to want to resolve it in a final way. Uncertainty is a killer in these litigation heavy times.